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Kidney precursors (GW11)

This movie shows the peripheral innervation (green fibers) of the developing kidneys. The adrenal glands (magenta only) are seen above the kidneys (cyan). Nephron...

Ovary with vasculature (GW10.5)

This movie revolves around the cranial part of the developing mesonephros and genital tract (red), and its vascularization (green). The ovary (unlabelled mass) can also...

Sensory nerve territories (GW11.5)

This movie shows the sensory innervation pattern of the hand. The surface of the skin overlaying the radial (blue), ulnar (green) and median (magenta) nerves have been...

Sensory innervation of the arm (GW10)

This movie revolves around the arm, hand and a finger to show the extent and complexity of their sensory innervation by nerves (white). This nerve network densifies...

Left hand sensory innervation (GW9.5)

This movie shows the organization and branches of the three major sensory nerves in a left hand: the median nerve is in yellow, the radial nerve is in red and the...

Motor and sensory nerves (Foot, GW9)

This movie illustrates how sensory (green) and motor (red) nerves and axons span and branch into different territories of the foot seen from the dorsal aspect (a 3D...

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To access the entire collection of 3D data sets (about 1000 acquisitions corresponding to 1.5 million tiff images), you must download, fill and sign the attached Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).
Access to this database is currently restricted to Academic Scientists.
If you are not a scientist but would like to obtain some original 3D data sets please send an email to

Researcher Access

Tranparent Human Embryo
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