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Hand vasculature (GW8)

The endothelial cells that constitute the blood vessels are seen (in white). At this stage of development the vessels form a very dense network. This developmental...

Female urogenital system (GW11)

This movie shows the Wolffian and Müllerian ducts in the developing urogenital system of a female. The contour of the future ovaries can also be seen at the beginning of...

Researcher Access

To access the entire collection of 3D data sets (about 1000 acquisitions corresponding to 1.5 million tiff images), you must download, fill and sign the attached Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).
Access to this database is currently restricted to Academic Scientists.
If you are not a scientist but would like to obtain some original 3D data sets please send an email to

Researcher Access

Tranparent Human Embryo
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